Shoei Gt Air Aperture Tc3 Helmet

Brand: Shoei
Shoei Gt Air Aperture Tc3 Helmet

The SHOEI GT-AIR II full-face helmet is the ideal companion on motorcycle trips and long tours. The integrated sun visor ensures optimal visibility under changing light conditions, the excellent ventilation ensures a pleasant climate in the helmet. Thanks to exchangeable pads, the helmet can be adapted to different head shapes. With the micro ratchet lock made of stainless steel, the chin strap can be closed and opened quickly and conveniently.


The outer shell of the SHOEI GT-AIR II made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) offers optimal impact protection in connection with a polystyrene core system composed of several elements with different absorption capacities.
The standard-mounted, clear visor of the type CNS-1 with a large field of vision can be changed without tools thanks to a quick-change mechanism. The anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lens included in the scope of delivery of the helmet ensures a clear view even under adverse weather conditions.
The chin strap with micro ratchet fastener is comfortable to use and can be adjusted perfectly.
In an emergency, the cheek pads can be easily removed using the EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) for a gentle helmet removal.


Several ventilation inlets and exhaust air outlets reduce the temperature and humidity inside the SHOEI GT-AIR II. Even when used in warm travel countries or in the cold season, there is a pleasant climate inside the helmet, the wearer is adequately supplied with fresh air. The revised visor grid of the SHOEI GT-AIR II allows a gap-width opening of the visor with a reduced first grid level and thus an extra fresh air.


An integrated spoiler increases the aerodynamic performance of the SHOEI GT-AIR II.

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