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RST V4.1 Kangaroo Airbag Mens Leather Suit Black

The new V4.1 suit is the elite level race suit from RST, now featuring integrated Airbag technology. The suit has been tried and tested by the likes of Alex Lowes, Ian Hutchinson and Conor Cummins, champion riders who push the limits of what is possible on two wheels. Certified to CE Level AAA, the V4.1 features Aramid reinforcement that protects the most vulnerable areas, kangaroo leather provides comfort and abrasion resistance while integrated TPU shoulder and knee cups provide protection against impact. //  In&Motion Airbag technology provides extra protection to the torso, back and neck in the event of a crash, utilising intelligent algorithms to detect a crash and fully inflating the suit in 60 milliseconds. Tested at the Isle of Man TT, the toughest road race on the calendar, the system can differentiate between a crash and hard racing, allowing pure focus on the road ahead.


Back Protector In&motion CE Back Protector
CE Certification Rating AAA
Elbow Armour Level 2 - CE Approved
Elbow Slider Standard Elbow Slider
Hip Armour Level 2 - CE Approved
Hump Aerodynamic Race Hump
Inner Lining Removable Comfort Mesh Lining
Inner Pockets 1
Knee Armour Level 1 - CE Approved
Knee Cup TPU
Knee Slider Race Dept Reverse Velcro Knee Sliders
Main Outer Material Drum Dyed Kangaroo Leather
Shoulder Armour Level 2 - CE Approved
Shoulder Cup TPU
Stretch Material Keprotech with Leather Motion Panels
Thread Bonded Nylon - Triple Stitched
Ventilation Perforated Leather
Zips MAX Zips

From £899.99
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Alpinestars Sp X Leather Jacket

Anatomically optimised and incorporating class-leading protective features into a multi-material chassis, the SP-X Jacket has extensive stretch panels for a close, sport riding fit while offering high levels of upper body mobility regardless of the riding position. Perforation zones and zippered air intakes on the torso provide internal airflow while a removable thermal liner means this CE certified jacket can be worn in cooler climates.
Main chassis multi-material, multi-panel construction featuring 1.3 mm high grade bovine leather and highly abrasion stretch fabric.
Extensive stretch fabric panels on sleeves and chest further improve fit and upper body movement.
D-ring and hook and loop grip waist adjustment for personalized riding fit and safe closure.
Two front zippered hand pockets plus inner waterproof wallet pocket.
Zippered air intake vents are positioned for optimized airflow adjustable to a rider's personal tastes.
Strategically positioned localized perforations for excellent ventilation and internal airflow.
Low profile collar construction with microfiber comfort edging plus 3D textured fabric inner collar lining for comfort.
Pre-curved sleeve construction reduces fatigue when riding and improves comfort.
Chest pad and back compartments with PE padding (Alpinestars Nucleon chest and back inserts available as accessory upgrade).
Multiple snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE certified Alpinestars Nucleon back protector.
Internal CE-certified Bio-Armor shoulder and elbow protectors.
Newly developed shoulder protection features over-moulded advanced TPU guard layered under the outer fabric for optimized levels of protection and comfort.
This garment is CE certified 89/686/EEC.
Removable thermal liner (80g on body, 60 on sleeves) means jacket can be worn in cooler climates.
Soft, microfiber comfort edge on collar and cuffs.
Internal waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants.
Reflective detailing improves visibility of rider.

From £329.99
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Alpinestars Sp X Leather Jean

The CE certified SP-X Pants are constructed from a multi-material chassis of full grain leather and extensive stretch fabric for excellent fit and movement. An extended rear waist, a reinforced seat area, plus internal body-mapped mesh lining, means these pants offer optimized levels of durability, coverage and comfort.
Multi-panel, multi-fabric main chassis construction: 1.3 mm high grade bovine leather and highly abrasion resistant stretch fabric.
Accordion leather stretch zones above the knee and upper back offer improved flexibility.
Internal mesh lining with stretch panel inserts work in conjunction with outer stretch zones for freedom of movement.
High extended rear waist provides greater overlap coverage with the riding jacket.
Large stretch panels on calf and crotch area for improved fit and feel.
Pre-curved leg construction helps reduce riding fatigue and improves fit.

Supplied with Alpinestars' class-leading CE certified Nucleon KR-H Hip Protectors, which incorporate advanced PU foam for impact and abrasion resistance and are ergonomically designed.
Internal CE certified Alpinestars GP-R protection on knees.
Protectors are anatomically profiled and feature impact-absorbing EPU foam for fit and comfort.
Protectors are replaceable.
Replaceable sport knee sliders for excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
This garment is CE certified 89/686/EEC.

Waist circumference adjustment for personalized fit and comfort.
Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding jackets.
Localized perforation for excellent ventilation and internal airflow.
Hook and loop grip ankle closure ensures pant remains stable on the lower leg.
Internally reinforced seat area for comfort, durability and protection.

From £299.99
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Wolf Fortitude Ce Mens Textile Jacket

Made from a super tough durable fabric, the technically advanced construction of this jacket offers 100% waterproofing, superior levels of breathability, CE certified protection and abrasion resistance, making it adaptable to all riding conditions.

Designed to offer the ultimate protection against the weather, the Fortitude jacket is made from a super tough 750 denier, 225gsm laminated brushed nylon which offers a soft, abrasion and tear resistant finish. The W2 laminated outer shell features a reproofable DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to prevent the jacket absorbing water. The DWR is the first barrier against the weather and means that any water will bounce off the jacket, keeping the fabric dry.

The jacket’s W2 laminated construction boasts a waterproof rating of over 10,000mm/cm2 (Hydrostatic Head) for superior levels of water repellence, breathability and high performance. This means the fabric could hold a 1cm2 column of water that is 10 metres tall before water leaks through!

Additionally, the jacket has a breathability rating 10,000g/m2/24h. This means 10,000 grams of moisture vapor can pass through a square metre of the fabric over a 24-hour period – keeping the rider dry.

Rider comfort is at the heart of this jacket and the high specification continues inside the jacket with the addition of the HDWool® lining. Made in Yorkshire, HDWool® is a highly breathable and natural form of temperature regulation which keeps the rider cooler in the heat and warm in the cold. It’s simple to care for and is odour resistant.

Supporting this are two direct-to-body vents with water resistant MAX zips and magnetised, rubberised storm flap keep the rider well ventilated when open.

In addition, pop stud, hook & loop fastener and MAX zip opening at the front of the jacket come with an Amara zip cover for added comfort and prevents rubbing against the body.

The reinforced shoulders are made with 270 gsm, 80% nylon with a built-in reflective thread offering superb levels of visibility when riding. Additionally, the hard-wearing fabric further supports the shoulder and has a very low co-efficiency friction due to the weight of the fabricagain adding to the safety. Other features include a large dot matrix reflective logo on the rear of the jacket and reflective panels on the arms for high rider visibility.

From £279.00
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Wolf Titanium Outlast Ce Mens Textile Jacket

The jacket is made from a hard wearing 750 denier, 225gsm brushed nylon and DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating, which offers a soft, abrasion and tear resistant finish. Additionally, the jacket is supported by the W2 inner drop liner which has a:

• Waterproof rating of over 10,000mm/cm2 Hydrostatic Head for superior levels of water repellence, breathability and great performance
• Breathability rating 10,000g m2/24h. This means 10,000 grams of moisture vapor can pass through a square metre of the fabric over a 24-hour period – keeping the rider dry


The extra-large water-resistant airflow panels aid internal ventilation. Even in the rain, these will allow excellent levels of breathability as the inner drop liner is able to repel any moisture, therefore enabling the air to continue to flow around the lining and out the back of the jacket. The benefits of this is that not only can the vents continuously be left open, but this gives the rider options as to the type of riding they want to do.

The jacket has a full body coverage of the Outlast® lining. This thermal regulating fabric is designed to control body temperature. Originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space, Wolf were pioneers in applying Outlast® technology in motorcycling apparel over 15 years ago.

Outlast® technology utilises phase change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, that heat is released- it means this jacket can be worn for riding in all weather conditions.

The stretch motion panel to the elbow and the full length stretch motion panel on the sides of the jacket, enable maximum movement on the bike and allows the garment to contour around the rider. These features, along with the multiple arm and waist adjusters offer the most customised fit.

Moreover, details like the Amara shoulder panels and soft touch corduroy lined collar with rolled corduroy cigar finishing, prevents neck rubbing. These features alongside the corduroy neck closure, further add to the comfort levels and means the rider can forget about what they are wearing and enjoy the ride.

From £239.00

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