New Yamaha Bikes : 2020 Tracer 700

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It’s Your Turn

The CP2 engine with crossplane technology produces a wave of linear torque that just keeps on coming right through the rev range for remarkable acceleration in every gear – and the compact chassis and adjustable suspension are built to slice quickly and precisely through every corner.

Next generation aerodynamic bodywork with dual LED headlights and aggressive slant-eye position lights reinforce the bike’s modern design and forceful good looks – and with its long-distance ergonomics, wider handlebars, and adjustable screen, this versatile new middleweight is always ready for your next road trip. New Tracer 700: It’s Your Turn.

The new Tracer 700 has been radically redesigned, re-engineered, and refined to offer you enhanced performance, increased comfort, and more dynamic style in just about every riding situation.

Adjustable upgraded front and rear suspension

The new Tracer 700 is equipped with upgraded front and rear suspension systems that enable you to achieve optimum handling performance in different situations. The 41mm cartridge forks and the rear shock feature preload and rebound damping adjusters that make it easy to set the bike up to suit different loads, various road conditions, and a range of riding styles.

Aerodynamic screen with single-handed adjustment

The stylish and sporty new aerodynamic screen is designed to give a more relaxed and enjoyable ride by reducing wind buffeting to the upper body – and when you need to adjust the screen’s height it can be done quickly and easily with one hand. For extra wind and weather protection the new Tracer 700 is fitted with redesigned handguards featuring integrated LED flashers.

Lightest In Class

Featuring a compact, lightweight chassis with a long aluminum swingarm and offering a 1,460mm wheelbase, this is one of the most agile and exciting sport tourers. With the lowest weight in the class combined with its thrilling torque-rich engine character, the Tracer 700 achieves the best power to weight ratio to give a truly outstanding riding experience.

New half fairing with aggressive new face

With its aggressive new face and redesigned compact bodywork, the new Tracer 700 makes a bold statement that just cannot be ignored! Flowing seamlessly into the tank cover, the futuristic half fairing offers plenty of wind and weather protection, and its modern design underlines the dynamic character of this class-leading sport tourer.

Long range autonomy

Equipped with a half fairing, adjustable screen, and handguards, the new Tracer 700 is a highly capable long-distance sport tourer. With a capacity of 17 liters, its sleek new fuel tank gives you outstanding long range autonomy.

Negative LCD display

The new Tracer 700 comes with a wide range of updates and improvements, including LCD instruments. The clear multi-function negative LCD display features spot color on the rev counter and large gear indicator – and can be operated conveniently with the left handlebar switch.

Commanding riding position with comfortable ergonomics

The new Tracer 700 is equipped with 34mm wider handlebars that match the new aerodynamic bodywork, giving you a more commanding riding position. Together with the new seat, the revised ergonomics improve comfort and controllability, and emphasize the confident big-bike feel of this versatile middleweight.

Contoured dual seat for rider and passenger comfort

You and your passenger can be sure of an extremely comfortable ride on the new generation Tracer 700 thanks to its upgraded seat design. Featuring a contoured profile and stylish stitch-type detailing, the one-piece dual seat enhances the bike’s genuine long-distance touring capabilities.

More responsive torque-rich CP2 engine

Nothing else in the class feels or sounds as good as Yamaha’s remarkable 689cc CP2 engine. Its industry-leading crossplane philosophy design gives an uneven firing sequence which delivers strong and linear torque. And with its range of engine, transmission and exhaust updates, this ultra-responsive EU5 compliant powerplant delivers an ever sportier and more thrilling ride.

Twin LED projector headlights, position lamps, and flashers

As well as projecting a powerful beam for excellent night-time vision, the compact dual LED projector headlights give the new Tracer 700 an aggressive, modern, and dynamic look. And for good daytime visibility this new generation sport tourer is equipped with bright LED position lamps as well as compact LED flashers.